David Stark Design and Production

TED Target Commons

Brand activation built with cardboard tubes using a CNC machine
Sustainable couches built out of cardboard tubes
Unique trade show booth built for a brand activation
Multipurpose trade show booth built out of cardboard tubes

client David Stark Design and Production

show TED Target Commons

capabilities Design/Build

location YVR

David Stark Design and Production offered our team a unique perspective on traditional trade show booth construction for this brand activation. Within the Commons at the 2017 TED Conference, Target was all about building bridges and making connections, literally.

The Commons area itself was an open, minimalist, modular structure of sturdy cardboard tubes and solid wood connectors. Think K’Nex or TinkerToy on a giant scale. The sprawling geometric system of tubes and bars of LED lighting offered TED attendees a moment to recharge and reconnect away from the hectic activity of the world-renowned conference. At first glance, The Commons looks like an intricate, yet inviting scaffolding system. Look closer within and you’ll discover ample seating and gathering spaces within the structure itself.

This project required support from all three shops across the country. The Toronto shop designed, drafted, and rendered the booth. The wood connectors were cut on our CNC machines and the Calgary shop constructed and sorted them. The Vancouver shop assembled the entire thing on site. Made entirely of cardboard tubes and wood connectors this trade show booth construction was reassuringly solid.

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