Directors Guild of Canada

DGC Awards

Control room for a virtual event
Control room with lots of computers for virtual event
Show caller setup for a virtual event
Virtual broadcast with two headshots
Virtual room with clapping people

client Directors Guild of Canada

show Awards

capabilities Strategize/Execute

location Virtual

Production Canada has worked with the Directors Guild of Canada to produce its annual awards show for over 10 years. In 2020 the DGC asked us to completely reimagine their awards show as a virtual event. Their criteria were clear:

  • Broadcast 4 30-minute shows over four nights back-to-back
  • Take advantage of their existing Zoom account
  • Embrace the era of COVID and celebrate the “social distancing edition”

Each of the 4 evenings was executed with professionalism and excitement. We worked hard to ensure that our audience, likely tired of the Zoom world, needed a slick and enticing experience. The show opened with a video roll. We then overlaid presenters on top of dynamic moving graphics. To add to the excitement, all presenters and winners were live rather than pre-recorded. The cues were called by our in-house stage management team based on our technical script.

In the end, the client was thrilled. While there were some “you’re muted” moments, we were able to solve those in time for the fourth (and final) show which was a perfect show! Now, how often do you get to say that for a live event?!? (Check out the recording here.)