With unbounded creativity, a genuine listening ear and a dedication to providing exceptional service, we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with clients.

“Production Canada will go above and beyond the normal scope of any production company to ensure the end product is not only perfect but is executed with the can do attitude that is needed to leave my clients feeling that they are in safe hands.”

Mark Davidson, Executive Producer

A Night Under the Galaxy 2016

“Through the many many site plan revisions, the barge building, painting, transporting, the late night piano stage request, and of course the interesting weather patterns – your team never waivered.

Warren Spitz, Friends of the TIFF Gala Chair

TIFF Inaugural Gala 2012

“To plan and organize one event associated with the President of Ireland would have been enough of a difficult task, but to organize five such events was an overwhelming task. We could not have done this without the professional work of Production Canada.”

Robert G Kearns, Chairman

Ireland Park Foundation 2007