Create / Construct / Connect

We are the only company that blends scenic construction with production and logistics to help bring your event vision to life. With unbounded creativity, a genuine listening ear and a dedication to providing exceptional service, we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with clients.

Who We Are

Production Canada is an award-winning company that helps clients manifest their event vision into experiences with impact. As the only company to blend scenic construction, full-service event production, and a celebrated approach to client service, Production Canada is expertly positioned to build strong, lasting relationships with its customers.

What sets us apart?

We get it. Events are awesome – and incredibly stressful. Tackling the harsh realities of event planning and logistics is usually where the headaches start. Lucky for our clients, Production Canada brings a new sensibility to events and an approach that empowers event professionals to be even better at their job. There are no proprietary processes here – well, we do have a rather slick workback template – but mostly we’re an incredibly hardworking and talented team of production experts – and we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

What can we do?

We unite our scenic construction chops with a technical savvy and event production know-how. This means that we can do it all, but our most-requested services are: